Wilki hens: honest, top-quality products


Wilki nv places great priority on quality.
We also have an auto-control system that meets all legal requirements. In order to ensure you of the highest quality, our specialised staff keep a close eye on every step in the entire processing procedure.

All our products are Halal – certified

We slaughter:

  • Hens from accredited (and inspected) companies only
  • Only animals that are healthy and guaranteed not to contain any forbidden residues (see Food Chain Information Form/health certificate/etc.)
  • Under permanent supervision of FAVV inspectors
  • Full GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) production process
  • Process control based on HACCP principles.
  • AUTO-CONTROL system audited and certified annually by TUV Nord.
  • Frozen to -40°C

Slaughterhouse with autocontrol system