Wilki hens: honest, top-quality products


Wilki nv is always looking for suppliers of white and brown table hens, preferably in large batches.
Thanks to our our qualified staff and specialised employees, you remain fully up to date about all stages in the process – which means you can anticipate never having any unpleasant surprises.

We guide and advise you through the various stages that are required before your hens can be taken to the slaughterhouse. These are:

Operating status:

  • Sampling and Salmonella results


  • FCI (Food Chain Information Form)
  • Request export inspections / produce export certificates


  • Transport organised by Wilki Transport
  • Information about trucks, drivers, permits sent through

Information prior to transport to the slaughterhouse relating to:

  • Fasting
  • Preparation of housing and environment
  • Catching the birds in an animal-friendly way