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Wilki transport

Working with “Wilki Transport nv”, we handle the transport of living animals ourselves to the slaughterhouse.
To do this we have a modern fleet of vehicles made up of various combinations of Tractor/Trailer and Semitrailer. Our drivers have the required permits and legal certificates.


  • Our vehicles are thoroughly cleaned with high-pressure equipment and disinfected after each assignment.
  • The crates are sent through a commercial cleaning system specially adapted to suit our crates.

Animal welfare:

  • All vehicles are inspected and approved for the transport of live animals.
  • All vehicles are equipped with appropriate tarpaulins and partitions to anticipate all effects of the weather
  • All of our drivers have been awarded their “qualification for carrying live animals” certificate
  • For each assignment they are given instructions about loading density, the use of tarpaulins/partitions, what to do on arrival at the slaughterhouse, etc..


  • Because we organise the transport ourselves, we are able to guarantee strictly punctual procedures and clear communication